December 16, 2015

Survey of the Poor Focus Groups: Our Experience and Learnings While Talking to India’s Poor

Born from the guiding values of the GlobeScan Foundation to Let Everyone Speak, the Survey of the Poor aims to help the poorest of the poor have a voice and be heard. Our goal is to help an often disregarded population tell others in their countries and the international community what they need, what they want, the biggest obstacles standing in their way, and what interventions have made the largest positive impact on their lives. We have consulted experts (and continue to do so) from various institutions around the world to help us with our inquiry; and in order to make sure that we develop a sound survey instrument before rolling out the project on a global scale, we have initiated an exploratory pilot phase of the project in India beginning with focus groups.

The seven focus groups were designed to examine the opinions of different social groups on what defines the ultra-­‐poor, the mechanisms that drive extreme poverty, and what life is like for those who live in poverty.

Download this report written with our partners at Cvoter India to learn more.

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